Andrew Burnard - Psychologist
Andrew Burnard – Psychotherapist


I have a specialist interest in ongoing psychodynamic psychotherapy. My therapy goal is to help people in their search for meaning, and I achieve this goal through a therapeutic relationship that is honest, respectful, thoughtful, and above all genuine. I help people recover from depression and anxiety, trauma, bereavement, stress and addictions. To achieve this, an important part of my work is to help people build resilience, so that when they leave therapy, they can cope better with any life crisis than when they came in.

I have recently added outdoor running/walking therapy to my practice as a way of helping people better talk about themselves. This unique approach to therapy capitalises on the benefits of exercise on mental health, and helps people use their bodies as a means of expression and a tool for recovery.

I am in private practice in Kloof and Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. I provide evidence-based psychotherapy and counselling aimed at dealing with complex emotional, mental health, and personal problems. I registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as an independent Counselling Psychologist in 2008, having completed my academic training at UNP and UKZN from 1999-2006, and my psychology internship at the Student Counselling and Careers Centre, UKZN, Pietermaritzburg.

I have nearly ten years of experience working in private practice in South Africa. I work with a network of other mental health professionals to ensure a high quality of care to my clients. Professional development is important to me and I am an established member of a psychodynamic reading and supervision group. I am also a member of the Durban Practising Psychologists Group (DPPG). Throughout my career I have attended my own psychotherapy as an invaluable aid to my personal and professional development.